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The value of Style

I recently came across an article by the author Maya Angelou giving her thoughts about what she had learnt about style during her journey through life and I thought I would share a few little nuggets of wisdom I found there;

 1, “Only buy what looks good on you and enhances your image of you self” It always amazes me how the right outfit can give such a boost, helping us feel and act more confidently. On the other hand squeezing into something that makes us feel lumpy and bumpy, a skirt we worry is too short, a top to low, then our confidence drains away as we spend the evening tugging and repositioning and hiding in the shadows. I think the point is, clothes are so much more than just a covering for the body they have a real impact on how we feel and act, so choose the outfits that not only loves your body type but makes you feel good as well.

2.Trust that you know what not only looks good but feels good on you”  When I do style consultations many of my clients instinctively know a great deal about how to dress their body shape, they just don’t know why they are doing what they are doing, once I show them they never look back. Take the time to find out about your body shape, your proportions and your style type, this knowledge will guide you to make great choices that, will not only look great but will also stop you wasting money on clothes that you will never wear.

3. “Look for fashion that fits and suits you – being in fashion is about being true to yourself” I love fashion, its great how it keeps reinventing itself, offering us new and exciting proposition’s and it always surprises me how rarely I see people in the same outfits and even if occasionally I do, it usually looks totally different. People wear and combine outfits according to their own personal taste, using their choices to display different elements of their personality. Although there are those who are passionate followers of fashion most of us choose clothes because we are attracted to the style, colour or cut and they ultimately reflect our own individual style and personality.

4. “If you are comfortable in your own skin you will make others comfortable in theirs” All the so called rules about what you can and can’t wear what it really comes down to is you feeling comfortable in what you wear and “owning” your style, then it really doesn’t matter.   Your style may not be to everyone’s taste but as long as it is a true reflection of your individuality, then not only you but others around you will be equally at ease.

5. “Don’t take the style of another or the thief will appear as ridiculous as a robin with peacock feathers hastily stuck on”.  The way we dress is influenced by many things the people around us, magazines , what’ in the shops and, these things, amongst others provide inspiration and influence our choices. However individual style should be a creation based solely on personal taste not a duplication of someone else’s image.  It’s easy to buy into another’s style, “it looks great on them so it will on me”. Don’t be a style stalker clothes are a valuable form of self-expression and an opportunity to reflect your individuality, so take the time to identify and create your own style.


             Style should reflect our individuality, even when there is a dress code!


Maya Angelou quotes taken from,

"Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now "

Maya Angelou 1993






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