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Putting the fun back into shopping


I love diverting from the High street and discovering great new bargains in Charity shops. Normally I would advise shopping with focus rather than browsing and randomly and buying....but when it comes to looking for "treasure" I make an exception. I have found some great bargains, most recently finding a brand new Diesel denim skirt for £12. In this particular charity shop I could have bought designer shoes and an Alexander McQueen top (still priced at £50!), which brings me to the subject of location, this shop was in Hampstead so it is worth it if you are out and about in an upmarket area rummaging in the local charity shops. A couple of points to remember:-

  •   If you want to get ahead of the game and get the pick of the bargains, Monday is the best day to check out the charity shops, that's the day when all the new stock is put on display.
  •   Look out for designer names or items from higher quality brands that is where the real bargains can be found, cheaper brands like Primart etc. will probably not be much cheaper than the "new" purchase price.
  •   Make a purchase and you will not only have a new item for your wardrobe but you will also have donated to charity, its a win win situation!

Ebay is still a good source for finding bargains but you do have to be more focused with your search otherwise it is too easy to press the "buy" button, especially if you are buying auctioned goods and have a competitive nature, you could end up paying more then you planned.

If you are looking for designer bargains sites like Buy My Wardrobe offer "pre loved luxury, affordable fashion", once registered with the site you will receive weekly updates showcasing any new arrivals to the site. If it's in you budget its great for finding that statement piece at a fraction of the original price to add to your wardrobe.

There are a number of shops on the high street that offer the same designer service with the added advantage that you get to try before you buy, they will also sell your items for you on a commission, no sale return basis.

Vintage shops are great fun to browse and reminisce and you can often come away with something that is on trend but no one else will have. Brighton has a number of good vintage shops, Beyond Retro being one of them, they also have a number of stores in London, well worth a visit if you are on the lookout for something original.

Closer to home, friends, parents, grandparents may have things sitting in their wardrobe that they will never wear again but you would love. Only a couple of weeks ago a very good friend of mine rescued a beautiful vintage sun dress that she knew I would adore and it just happened to be my size!

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