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The real you

I first became interested in the connection between personal style and identity during coaching

sessions with my clients, I noticed how closely our sense of identity is linked to our own personal

style preference. Many of the clients I had worked with had taken on different roles in life, Mother,

Wife, Husband, career etc; and had, over time morphed into those roles without realising they

had left something behind, the essence of themselves as individuals.


Individual style is as personal as a finger print and although we continue to develop and refine it

over our lifetime the core elements are stored within us, re-engaging with this part of ourselves is

like rediscovering a long lost friend, someone who knows and see's us for who we really are.


Some years ago when my boys were teenagers I passed a shop window and there I saw a pair of

shoes, the sort of style that I loved, they seemed to represent the real me, the younger more stylish

version, pre-motherhood when I bought clothes and accessories out of love not necessity. Although

they are well worn I will always keep those shoes as a happy reminder of my journey back to my

own individual style.


I still love these shoes!


Having some help to reconnect with what works for you is a great place to start your journey back

to re-discovering the real you, why not visit my website for more information www.lstyle.co.uk

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